Containerpark services

Lfs Movers also offers container park services to help you dispose of unwanted items or materials after a move or during a decluttering process. We can provide containers in various sizes depending on your needs, and our team will help you load the items into the container. Once the container is full, we will transport it to the appropriate recycling or waste facility. Our container park services provide a convenient and environmentally-friendly solution for managing excess materials or waste. For small volumes of items, we will certainly use a small truck to pick up the disposal.

Disassembly - assembly services

When it comes to moving furniture, disassembly and assembly can be a major hassle. But with LFS Movers, you don't have to worry about a thing. Our team of experts has the skills and tools needed to disassemble and reassemble your furniture quickly and efficiently. We'll carefully disassemble your items, pack them for safe transport, and then reassemble them at your new location. Save yourself the time and hassle of doing it yourself – let us take care of it for you.

 Packing - unpacking services

At LFS Movers, we understand that packing and unpacking can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. That's why we offer professional packing and unpacking services to help make your move as stress-free as possible. Our trained and experienced team will handle your belongings with care and ensure they are properly packed and protected during transit. Whether you need help with a few fragile items or your entire household, we've got you covered

Cleaning after moving

At Lfs Movers, we also offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients before or after the move. Our team of experienced cleaners will ensure that the premises are spotless and ready for the next occupant. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our clients. Whether it's a deep cleaning or just a quick tidy-up, we are here to help make your move as stress-free as possible.